Temple Har Zion - L'Dor Vador Torah Project

Dedicating the New Torah on Simchat Torah

October 7, 2012 - 22 Tishrei 5773

As part of Temple Har Zion's 40th anniversary celebrations, the congregation fulfilled the mitzvah of writing a Torah with the L'Dor Vador Torah Project with the help of Sofer (scribe) Neil Yerman. This proved to be a wonderful and fulfilling experience for the many congregants who wrote a letter in the Torah with Sofer Yerman.

At the Simchat Torah service on Sunday, October 7, the last nine letters of the new Torah were completed followed by the consecration of children who have started religious school this year. After the Torah was carried around the sanctuary for the traditional seven Hakafot, it was unrolled and spread around the sanctuary. Rabbis Stroh and Weiss then read from the new Torah.

Yasher koach to everyone who was involved.